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The developers of animal crossing are great because they understand that you don’t need violence or action to entertain people, and you don’t need constant missions either. They created a relaxing game where you get to choose what to do each day, and you can chose what life you have. It’s a great game for people with anxiety because it’s such a calm and friendly game.

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Sweater I made a couple of months ago. If anyone wants I can post the one with the skirt

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Looking for new animal crossing friends. So if you’re an ac blog, reblog this! 。^‿^。



I’m not quite sure I appreciated just how many villagers there are in New Leaf until I decided to draw them all…. 
Hundreds. There are hundreds of them ಠ_ಠ (going to make a poster with them all)


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you know you have an acnl problem when you can still hear the sound effects with the volume off

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WE HAVE REACHED A CONSENSUS. I (surprisingly) got 100 responses very quickly, so this survey is out of 100 responses. Only results that are a bit botched are the snooty results- the 26-30 years-old range should be a bit higher. 

but regardless, thanks for those who participated~

Well look at that, apparently I shoudn’t be playing animal crossing because I’m older than 25. Thank you.

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