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Anonymous asked: You're poison to this fandom. You sit behind a screen and allow people to bring others down. You're allowing people to hurt people intentionally and you're encouraging it. I entered this fandom and everyone was so nice and generous and the people getting dished at are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Why do you do this? Really? I think morally you have some issues to allow people to do this to others. It's a video game, and you're targeting people playing it for fun, it's a bit pathetic.




i dont target others, people hidden behind anon do.



I was plot resetting last night


and when i went to sleep i dreamt that i was plot resetting like wtf even when im not playing animal crossing im playing animal crossing

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tall people at concerts be like

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K.K. Slider? I love him. I really like the way he just *clenches fists* Slides all those Ks

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Please just click this omg

howww omfg

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New Blog to Help you Find AC Friends! →



This blog is dedicated to helping crossers find friends in the Tumblr fandom.

This is still a work in progress and can change the way people find friends as we all learn together what works best. But for now think of this blog like the


When a villager moves into a crappy place

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so a few days ago i hit my 1000 followers milestone!! when i first made this blog i honestly never expected i’d reach this point ;_;  to celebrate i’ve decided to host a giveaway to thank my followers for all they’ve done and the support they’ve given me (^・x・^)

(there are a lot of items so please bear with me)

  1. Barbeque Bed
  2. Soft-drink Display
  3. Steamed Bun Case
  4. Sandwich Display
  5. Buffet Server
  6. Afternoon Tea Set
  7. Pumpkin Pie
  8. Chocolate Cake
  9. Yule Log
  10. Berliner
  11. Rice Cake
  12. Dango
  13. Box of Chocolates
  14. Sea Globe
  15. Snow Bunny
  16. Sketchbook
  17. Sloppy Sofa
  18. Sloppy Stereo
  19. Pink Pinwheel
  20. Tweeter
  21. Throwing Beans
  22. Bubble Wand
  23. Toy Hammer
  24. Golden Watering Can
  25. Silver Axe
  26. Blue Bunny Balloon
  27. Pink Heart Balloon
  28. Royal Crown
  29. Funky Wig
  30. Hairbow Wig

1. Since this is a giveaway for my followers, you must be following me
2. Please only reblog once! Tumblr only counts your reblog once anyway so doing it multiple times will not affect your chances!
3. Likes count!
4. No giveaway blogs! However, if your animal crossing blog is not your main blog I don’t mind if you reblog it onto there ^^
5. Must be willing to give me your friendcode

This will end on the 30th October 6:30 pm GMT
I will choose the winners by a random number generator and then message them. You must respond within 24 hours or I will reselect someone!

Good luck!! (❁´◡`❁)ノ♡

Just signal boosting c:

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